Monday, March 05, 2007

Description Logic vs Object Oriented Programming for the Semantic Web

When in 2003 I worked on the HTML library management component for the prototype (Elvis-DL) for my master's thesis I have stumbled upon something very weird. I had a simple ontology describing concepts I wanted to manage in my library. I was using Jena (at that time) to render structures to be displayed as HTML forms based on the ontology. All was fine, until I had to handle subClassOf and subPropertyOf relations. The results I got from Jena when constructing the objects where completely wrong (in my opinion) and I ended up writing some fall back code to make the interface work as I expected.

More than a year later, when I moved to DERI Galway one of my colleagues, Knud, told me how OWL and RDF Schema (DL) are different from the way I was used to (OO). Basically they work back-to-forth.

Recently Eyal had a presentation on that matter during the Semantic Web cluster meeting. I have learned about it from Knud email (I am no longer an official member of SW cluster).

If your Jena or any other reasoning engine does not work the way you expected it to work - better check following documents first:

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