Monday, June 25, 2007

Be careful when google-ing for LaTeX

I know LaTeX is cool, and I cannot imagine publishing my research with out it.
But from time to time, I am getting caught in a trap of non-personal enough and case insensitive search in Google.

Today I was trying to find how to insert a TM symbol in LaTeX (\texttrademark). A simple query "LaTeX trademark" occurred to be too simple ... (you can imagine what I mean, or check it yourself).

When will be the times where the search engine will actually know what I mean?!

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Elf said...

I my search result the answer was in the first link. I don't know what you mean ;) Mayby i used other Google?

Sebastian Ryszard Kruk said...

Hmm, you're right - just've checked it - is Google reading my blog, or something ?

Philip J├Ągenstedt said...

I found your post precisely by googling for latex trademark, but didn't see anything suspicious in the results list. Even google images is clean (with SearchSafe OFF)...