Monday, September 10, 2007

Bank of Ireland - New Online Banking Services Coming Soon!

I guess it had to happen eventually. BoI has introduced multilingual support and international payments for their online banking service. See below.

Btw. have you noticed something interesting ? English, Polish, Chinese,... what about Gaelic ?

New Online Banking Services Coming Soon!

Bank of Ireland 365 online is launching a range of new services in October 2007 to improve your online banking experience.

You will soon be able to:

Register new beneficiaries for domestic and international payments
Make international payments to over 40 countries worldwide
Top up your mobile phone online with Vodafone, O2 and Meteor
Set up, cancel and amend standing orders

Take a tour of our new 365 online demo - available in 3 languages - English, Polish and Chinese. Our specially designed step-by-step guide will show you how easy it is to use these exciting new services. You can access this by selecting the "365 online Demo" link on


Peter T. Lawless, 3R said...

Great to have online banking providing the banks have money

One of the issues is banks obtaining credit - the next issue is how can they lend the money to business in a way that makes sense. The old rule books no longer hold true and there must be some accountability beyond the reckless lending during the property bubble.

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