Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Why social Internet in Poland might not be a good idea ?

Before I came to DERI, I was working on the semantic digital library project called Elvis-DL (now JeromeDL). My idea was to add a feature allowing registered users to share their opinion on the resources in the digital library, and hence, build up the knowledge around it.

The response I got at that time was - that it would be a bad ideas - as free comments will lead only to “spam” texts, or worse - comments expressed with bad language, etc. In other words useless.

Shortly after I started developing social features for JeromeDL in DERI, I have also added this “blog-around” feature. Everyone was pleased.


Because in the social Internet around the world, your comments on blogs present who you are, and people tend to express themselves politely. Hence, their comments are if not useful, at least nice to the others.

Compare comments on Flickr with comments on wp.pl (large polish information portal). Huuge difference, right?

I am in the process of evaluating my solutions (both semantic and social) for digital libraries; these that have been implemented in JeromeDL. I have sent information around, using any possible information channels I could think about. Most of them were social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, GoldenLine; and mailing lists of all known to me social and semantic web groups.

One of my colleagues, helping me with the evaluation, suggested I should also send this information to the new and fast growing social networking site called nasza-klasa.pl.

I have to confess, I was not too much convinced to this idea; but since I wanted more people to help me, reluctantly, I have sent the information also there. The fora of my universities (GUT and NUIG) and the high school.

Shortly after, a very stupid (and frustrated, if you ask me) comment appeared at the GUT forum.

For me it is a clear example that social solutions build in Poland cannot be left without moderation.

Sad, isn’t it?


16 January 2008 17:46

As an after match of this stupid conversation, sadly enough supported by other people with strange attitude, and having no answer from the moderators of the system, I have decided to do the only reasonable thing - remove my profile from that site, since it was impossible to continue the conversation as it went.

Shame on you nasza-klasa.pl.


16 January 2008 23:59

Maciej’ve just sent me a copy of the conversation that continues on nasza-klasa.pl. It is nice to see that other people share my understanding of “cultural” conversation.
I could re-register to the portal - but I will not do that.
Consider this my protest against zero-reaction from moderators.
I do not claim that people who behave wrong should be removed out of the sudden, but tuning in to close a pointless conversation would be enough.
As Jaroslaw said - I removed my account as being part of the social network means for me to identify with the people there, and use the SN for the purpose. If I cannot talk to other people without being abused for using technical language, what is the purpose of using such a SN? Good luck nasza-klasa - but you just lost a very strong supporter of social networking. I am getting back to Facebook, LinkedIn, and GoldenLine - see you all there.


17 January 2008 09:28

As I can see - the discussion continues. This time the feather was taken by some weird guy who cannot even spell “evaluations” - congratulations - how such a person can be subscribed to university forum? The most funny is that he claims that my evaluation was set up only for computer science; well, it was not. It was set up for people who have some more understanding of the current Internet. The truly sad is that the people who felt offended by not understanding my post were actually computer scientists (or so they claim). And of course, he could not write even a short post without using “french” (yeah, I still know what “chgw” means)

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