Thursday, March 06, 2008

Is Semantic Web Technology Taking the Wrong Turn?

This is the question Chris Bussler asks in his recent article in the IEEE Internet Computing "Peering" column, edited by Charles Petrie, from DERI Stanford. It is interesting that among few examples of successful, ongoing products of Semantic Web research, Chris mentions JeromeDL. I personally, consider it great success, since it is more than two years now since met the last time. That time JeromeDL was a little more than a rough idea. Now, it can even impress (maybe not everyone - but I do not care about these maggots).

Yesterday I got a chance to present JeromeDL and to Nova Spivack from Radar Networks (I am still waiting for my beta account to Twine). He was clearly impressed, with access control module (Extensible Access Control - to be published soon) in JeromeDL, IKHarvester, SSCF (how isn't?), and last but not least - recommendations in TagsTreeMaps and MultiBeeBrowse weren't left without positive impression either. I think this were the best 15 minutes (stretched a little, I know) of sales pitch. Ok, meeting with INEK in Korea was jaw-dropping experience as well, but I had much more time than.

Tomorrow, I should be ready to announce the results of the our evaluation of Semantic and Social technologies in JeromeDL. Stay tuned - you might got surprised if you thought that semantic web technology has gone astray.

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