Sunday, July 27, 2008

Running fresh Leopard **might** solve your AirPort problems

I could not stand it any longer - certain issues which worked on Ewelina’s Mac somehow did not work on mine, e.g., no auto-connect to known WiFi networks.

I thought to myself - this have to be because I did Tiger-to-Leopard upgrade. Time to reinstall my precious Leo and see what will happen.

The whole procedure started on Friday night, and I got it operational few hours later with my stuff seamlessly migrated thanks to the wonders of TimeMachine/TimeCapsule (sweet - trust me).

I have saved a lot of space as a side effect - this time I knew what NOT to install

And the Wifi apparently worked just fine.

At least until .... I came downstairs where a separate WiFi network is setup (our walls as so tick the signal can hardly go from one floor to other). To my surprise - autoconnect to the network downstairs did no work. I was trying everything - from changing network settings to fiddling with KeyChain access.

Nothing helped.

Than, following an old and very good advice of my old friend and Unix guru in one person, i.e., Dorota, I have checked LOGs using Mac’s Console.
And I have found this:

7/27/08 15:16:44 SystemUIServer[122] Error: _ACNetworkCopyKeychainItem() expected password for "WiSkrukDownstairs" not found: -25300 (The specified item could not be found in the keychain.)

After some googling I have came across a post suggesting that moving “System Preferences” from /Applications to /Applications/Utilities/ can be the cause.

Really ?! I mean - this application should be in utilities in the first place.

Well, anyway - I gave it a shout.


Now it works

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