Monday, September 22, 2008

Powerful again

A few weeks ago my MacBook Pro battery decided it is too old (1 year !) and needs to retire. After many unexpected drops for power from 40% to 0% in a second I decided it will not heal itself magically.

Colleague of mine suggested I should not buy an Apple replacement (which I should got for free btw. but I was one (1 !) day late in calling their helpline after Galway 3G store send me away) - and I was happy to exercise this idea. I simply love MacOSX - but certain ideas about the way Apple treats their customers is unbearable.

After some googling I’ve stumbled on and today the battery has arrived. Looks very much like my previous one - but I have already tested that it lasts much longer than the Apple original ever did. Well done guys. When I am fed up with my processor power - I will call ya again :)

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