Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Carnival 2006

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And so we made it. Everyone said it would be a shame to be in Rio during the Carnival and miss the Samba Schools Parade.
Luckily I have even managed to convince myself to take my precious camera with me, shot almost 600 photos, and bring them all home safe.
The funny thing is that what ever people say about Brazil, although you can get easily paranoid with respect to ones safety, Carioca are really nice people. During the parade the only hostile people where two geyish Englishmen trying to quarrel with everyone (including myself) that was trying to get too close to the fence (as they claimed to be the only ones that should occupy that place and shot photos). Weird, isn't it?
Any way - presentation was magnificent - we were only sorry we could not make it to the end - after 5 school we decided to go home (it was 6am BTW) - as I could not see a thing (600 photos / 6h can make your eyes hurt - believe me) and Ewelina was tired as well.

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