Thursday, February 09, 2006

DigiMe - personalization vs privacy

Contemporary recommender systems derives most of their power from the profiling information on the user. The problem that usually arise is that by amassing infomation about users - recommender systems became a threat to our privacy. The more intuitive and effective search/recommendation system we want to get - the more information about ourselves, our fancies, our friends and foes we need to provide to the system.
Since I always believed that this is to much to pay for just a recommendation - I have came up with the Social Semantic Collaborative Filtering idea that users themselves have control over their profiles. The current implementation in FOAFRealm/D-FOAF project is still far away from what I would like to achieve.
Our aim is to deliver a true identity management (DigiMe) that will not only identify a user in the Internet but also will provide better trade off between personalization and privacy.
I have just came across the presentation DoDEA_Emerging_pt1.ppt
that presents similar opinion to mine in that aspect: we must build identity management system that will allow personalization of services keeping the privacy the same time.

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