Monday, January 30, 2006

Music for free (almost)

Recently I have convinced myself to buy a MP3 player with 1GB and radio, just to keep me entertained on the plain when I cannot use my mobile phone and in any other occasion where it is going to be more handy.
But soon I have come to the point where all my MP3s generated out of my legal CDs were no longer cool and entertaining anymore. Buying a new CD is not an option this days, so I went Internet-shopping.
Luckily "legal mp3" query in Google led me to which turned out to be the coolest (and cheapest - please correct me if I am wrong) places.
An average mp3 costs around $0.10 which means that I can stuff my MP3-player for around $15. And the quality is really good - 192 bit rate.

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Sebastian Ryszard Kruk said...

The site I was metioning at that time is down now - I suppose it was not legal - what a shame :(