Thursday, October 19, 2006

Beware of CVS tags

It took me a while before I realized what went wrong.
Recently we have finally announced a stable version of JeromeDL 2.0. I was so happy about that.
So the only thing that was left was to tag our current sources with stable tag and keep on rolling with further development.
All went well, until Mariusz was trying to update server (and other) when we realized that something was not right. It occurred that some time in the past we also used stable tag to annotate stable version at that time. Since then a lot of files were refactored, moved, etc. But they still retained the stable tag - which caused why they got into our recently updated servers when cvs-updating to stable tag.
The only way I found to fix that ASAP was to go over all files with errors, warnings, and those we knew were removed and ... remove the stable tag.
Now everything works fine. But, the lesson was learned - be careful when re-using tags in CVS....

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