Friday, October 27, 2006

Recreational computing

There is so much going on recently in DERI/eLITE/Corrib - so many things I would like to write about ... but I can't. At least until all those strange IP policies will get firm borders stating what we researchers can tell and what we should not tell.

Until then, trying to avoid any NUIG IP policies land mines I might stuble upon, I can only tell that I came back to unlimited-fun-generating activities: research & developement. I have managed attract a group of skillfull researchers to take care about each of the projects I set up some time ago: JeromeDL (Tomasz), FOAFRealm and HyperCuP (SÅ‚awek), MarcOnt and a very new one S3B (Adam).

Now I can relax slightly from some the management responsibilities and spend some time on "recreational computing". For me it is a combination of all the I really like: maths, user interface design, web programming/prototyping, and ... inventing.

I hope I will be allowed to publish some of my recent ideas and prototypes. Untill that time, unless you are from NUIG/DERI, sorry ... you got to trust me - I am having great fun (although it employs working 10-12h/day)

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