Friday, August 15, 2008

Call me homophobic - but this is too much ...

Usually I do not care too much about politics, etc.
And in most cases I agree that people have their right to live their own way as long as they do not affect the way other people live.

Call me homophobic - but I cannot stand when I head more and more countries in Europe allow homo-couples to adopt children? This does affect other peoples’ lives, i.e., these poor children. It hurts. That is for sure.

I could probably write hundreds, if not thousands, of verses showing how irrational is this behavior of some governments, but today I simple wanted to write about two cases that really gave me a hearth attack:

1) Recently a catholic adoption agency in UK announced that they will have to consider adoptions by homo couples; otherwise the government might close them. It is surely against the teaching of the Church - but they can either accept that or close down and eventually, let down all those catholic (hetero) couples that would like to adopt children.
Many people say about dividing church from the government; but they usually mean that the church should not try to influence the government. First of all - church is the people - who elect and are elected to the government. How are you going to separate that? Second of all - isn’t that the governments are just trying to impose their rules over the moral rights preached by the church ?

2) UPDATE: Apparently the URL that was provided by one of the contributors is outdated (see comments); it only proves my case that some people are trying to sell a picture that is suppose to convince everyone that they are homophobic.
I am just putting together a web page promoting our book on semantic digital libraries. Part of the task is to prepare a list of all online references in the book. While processing them I have stumbled upon the digital library of The Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC). The first page greets you with only few links, almost like Google. But, among those - it is hard not to spot those marked below. I will simply leave this without a comment .....


okpensfan said...

The web site you have found is *not* affiliated with ERIC at all - it is a spoof site put up by someone who bought an old domain. ERIC can be found at

Sebastian Ryszard Kruk said...

Thanks for the comment - it is VERY valuable to me - since one of the contributors in our book put this URL there - I will make sure it is updated. Thanks.