Tuesday, August 05, 2008

On SVN, sf.net and MacOSX

Just a short note to everybody who is struggling with either (or both) problems:
* since only recenly was unable to use your sourceforge.net hosted subversion account with strange response 403
* was trying to use SCPlugin for MacOSX with https:// repositories without success

The solution to the first problem is pretty simple - you are probably using http://...sf.net/... address for your repositories - this is no longer supported.
To solve your problems - do

svn switch --relocate http://...... https://.......

The second problem might (as in my case) arise from the SSL certificate problems with the subversion server. If you enter your repository URL to the web browser and it asks you to confirm the certificate than this is exactly the problem I was facing, and ... good news - here is the solution for you. Apparently SCPlugin still cannot ask you to confirm the certificate through GUI, so you have to do it yourself manually.

The easiest way is to call

svn ls https://.....

and answer (p)ermanently to the given question.

However, since neither MacOSX (Leopard 10.5.4) nor Fink provides subversion in the new (backward incompatible!), endorsed by sf.net version 1.5 you might consider using the one (1.5.1) provided by SCPlugin at the following location:

/Library/Contextual\ Menu\ Items/SCFinderPlugin.plugin/Contents/Resources/SCPluginUIDaemon.app/Contents/bin/svn

The new SmartSVN 4 is also compatible with SVN 1.5 so your command line SVN might soon be incompatible with your repositories (if you use SmartSVN 4 at least once with this repository!)

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