Friday, February 27, 2009

new knowledge management on Web 3.0 services

I have been extremely busy recently. Probably this is why I was not blogging too much.
But here is the reason:
The last two months I have been building a new software platform for knowledge management on Web 3.0 called

It is based on the research of my team (formerly, now on semantic digital libraries, collaborative filtering, social networking and semantic web. follows and extends certain ideas we have implemented in the research prototype,, presented at the Semantic Web Challenge 2007.

The core idea is to use explicit social network of each user and semantic annotations to discover, share and recommend interesting information.
We encourage users to annotate and classify (not just tag) interesting sites; their friends can subscribe to folders representing different topics.

If you know social bookmarking services (like - think about it as a social bookmarking site on steroids and without letting users to get lost in the cloud of tags.

There are two services which have been set up using platform already:
Both services operate feature English and Polish translation. If you register to one - you gain access to the other one as well.

Both services are in the private beta phase at the moment, but I have a number of invitations to this service to distribute. Please reply to this post.

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