Wednesday, February 11, 2009

what I have been up to lately ?

I hear people asking - how are things? I tell ya - things have never been that busy (so you can imagine ...).

But it is getting better. There were three projects ahead of me when I was living DERI in December 2008:
I am happy to report that all these tasks have been completed. More or less in the order provided.
And all of them kept me very busy in Jan 2009.

So what’s now?

First of all - improve, disseminate, improve, disseminate, ... - all about setting up the service węzeł and the upcoming international version -
In the mean time - it is time to incorporate. There are a few roadblocks or rather slowing-bumbs ahead - but it is just a matter of getting right documents to right offices.
But I won’t mind if you will contact me or my upcoming company with cooperation proposal

Will keep ya posted. Be patient

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